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Cabrini Library: Library Home

New Look Interface (Information for Users)

Discover more resources and services via the Navigation Bar
  • Library Home - is the main library page , this page is linked on all subject guides.
  • Library Services - a drop down menu to information about library services e.g. how to register for remote access and UptoDate access.
  • Databases - an alphabetical list of all databases that are open access or subscribed too.  Each database has detailed information on "Why Search Here" and "What's Included". 
  • Library Training Guides - how to improve your search skills.
  • Subject Guides - each topic guide is mapped to various staff roles, e.g. if you are a nurse or midwife you will find all relevant subject guides that assist you in your professional skills.
  • Research Pathway - a guide that links staff to resources that are important to the research lifecycle, from planning to publishing
  • COVID Resources - a dedicated Libguide that lists the latest COVID research articles in real time from PubMed.
  • NSQHS Standards - Live literature searches aligned to each standard are run in PubMed, endorsed by the ACSQHC
Search for Information Box
  • The search box searches across all Cabrini's subscribed and open access resources,.
  • Simply type in some keywords e.g. pelvic floor
  • For more precise searching click on the advanced search link on the right hand side of the search box.
Search for a specific journal article or book title 
  • Do you have a journal article and you wish to find the fulltext or to check if the library holds a specific book title?
  • The form defaults for a journal or select the book tab to find a book in the library's collection
  • It is recommended to enter the DOI for a journal or for a book the ISBN (unique identifiers) or start typing as much detail as you can into the boxes.
  • Click on Match, the system will direct staff to the fulltext or a document delivery form to order the article or book from the library, or the library will order the item via a free document delivery service.

Search For Information

Search for a specific journal article or book title