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Cabrini Library Bulletin: Library Update July 2024

monthly bulletin featuring latest studies, news and featured resources

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Library News

This section will highlight any new resources, services, guides and training.  As well as any updated information on resource updates provided by vendors or relevant health societies.

Latest Research

All recent research under relevant topics are listed with links to either the fulltext or the abstract.  Always remember that the library can provide a fulltext of an article not available by open access or subscribed links.

Latest Research

Handover in ED

De Lange, Santel, Tanya Heyns, and Celia Filmalter. Reaching consensus on the definition of person‐centred handover practices in emergency departments: A modified online Delphi." Journal of Clinical Nursing 33.5 (2024): 1751-1761. Read Full Text

A three round Delphi survey reviewed to reach consensus on the definition and attributes of ‘person-centred handover practices’ in emergency departments.  Person-centred care is not generally implemented in emergency departments. Person-centred handover practices can lead to person-centred care. Handover practices in emergency departments are a high-risk activity. Despite numerous calls to standardise and improve handover practices, they remain a problem. Developing a standardised definition could be a first step towards implementing person-centred handover practices in emergency departments.


Telerehabilitation versus in-person physiotherapy consultation

Simmich, J., Ross, M.H., & Russell, T. (2024, July). Real-time video telerehabilitation shows comparable satisfaction and similar or better attendance and adherence compared with in-person physiotherapy: A systematic review. Journal of physiotherapy70(3), 181-192.  Read Full text

How does physiotherapy delivered by real-time, video-based telerehabilitation compare with in-person delivery for the outcomes of attendance, adherence and satisfaction? This systematic review by Australian authors found that telerehabilitation was comparable to in-patient for patient satisfaction.


PIVC versus Venepuncture 

Davies, H., Jacob, A., Aboo, L., Coventry, L., & Jacob, E. (2024). Drawing blood from a peripheral intravenous cannula and its effect on cannula dwell time, phlebitis, and bloodstream infection: A randomised controlled study. Collegian July 2024 Read Full Text 

An Australian randomised control trial involving 105 patients admitted to Australian ED departments. Participants were randomised of whom 50 had blood sampled by venepuncture and 55 through the PIVC. No difference was observed in cannula dwell time, prevalence of phlebitis, or signs of bloodstream infection. This study showed PIVC outcomes were no different when the PIVC was used to sample blood compared with participants whose blood was sampled by venepuncture.

Infection Control Education

Koota, E., Kaartinen, J., & Melender, H. L. (2024). Impact of educational interventions for professionals on infection control practices to reduce healthcare-associated infections and prevent infectious diseases: A systematic review. Collegian. July 2024  Read Fulltext

The aim of this systematic review was to examine the impact of educational interventions for health and social care professionals on infection control practices to reduce HAIs and prevent infectious diseases. 12 studies were reviewed and most were one-off interventions in a single centre.

Statistically significant findings indicate that educational interventions on infection control practices should include both theoretical and practical learning activities.


Keeping the graduate nurses

Song, Z., Yao, X., Wang, J., Shen, Y., Zhang, P., & Huang, X. (2024). Factors influencing the job embeddedness of new graduate nurses: A multicentre cross‐sectional study. Journal of Advanced Nursing.   Read Abstract

Anonymus survey material was collected from 415 newly graduate nurses across 12 tertiary hospitals in China. The study showed that monthly income level, decent labour, authentic leadership and feedback-seeking behaviour were significant predictors of job embeddedness among new graduate nurses.


Postoperative surgical site infections

Decoding Precision Cancer Care: AI’s Evolution from Data to Decision and Recent Breakthroughs 

Xiyu Zhao, Jacob Blum, Arjun K. Menta, Victor B. Yang, and Vivek Subbiah.  AI in Precision Oncology 2024 1:3, 168-176. Read Full Text

A comprehensive overview of the recent advances in the application of artificial intelligence in oncology. Medical Innovation brought about by the application of AI to oncology has been revolutionary, and these advancements have brought promising improvements to the paradigm of cancer care.a comprehensive overview of the recent advances in the application of artificial intelligence in oncology. Medical Innovation brought about by the application of AI to oncology has been revolutionary, and these advancements have brought promising improvements to the paradigm of cancer care.


Folic acid and stroke prevention

Zhang, N., Zhou, Z., Chi, X., Fan, F., Li, S., Song, Y., ... & Li, J. (2024). Folic acid supplementation for stroke prevention: a systematic review and meta-analysis of 21 randomized clinical trials worldwide. Clinical Nutrition..  Read Full Text

An updated search of randomised controlled trials (RCT:s) trials since the AHA/ASA guidelines for primary stroke prevention were published almost 10 years ago. The resulting additional studies the overall benefit of folic acid for stroke prevention.


Library News

Hospital standards for Health Libraries

Expectations of what teaching hospitals need to be aware to be an accredited teaching hospital which includes a well supported health library.  This recent MJA article evaluated teaching college's requirements for resources to support trainees, which includes up to date resources and physical spaces.

Time to set a standard for the standards: health libraries provide crucial support for Australian medical training programs


Single sign-on to Library resources

All Cabrini staff and health professionals with an email domain of can  seamlessly logon remotely to the library.

OpenAthens is now linked to the local staff directory.  This means you can logon to the library from any device anywhere!.

Read the revised library guide for further information. 

Updated subscription News

Cabrini Library has re-subscribed to the Oxford Medical Book Collection.

This includes access to the "handbooks" and "textbook" series published by Oxford.