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Referencing Guide

This guide provides a list of commonly referenced documents

Please refer to the APA website for the latest up to date referencing style

Why Reference?

It is important to reference your sources to acknowledge and credit their work in the following scenarios
  • Referencing a Prompt policy 
  • In-house power point presentation
  • Assignment as part of your tertiary studies
  • Journal publication
  • Conference abstract or Poster Presentation

As well as acknowledging the source to assist in validating your evidence, judgement or opinion it is critical to reference in a consistent style so others who view your work can easily look up your sources that you have cited.

This guide provides examples of the most requested enquiries to the library regarding referencing formats

  • Journal and Book referencing
  • Government Publication referencing
  • UptoDate Topics
  • NSQHS standards and Standard Online documents

Links to Referencing Styles

APA Reference style 

This style is one of the most common styles used in the biomedical sciences area.  It is commonly used with Cabrini publications including Prompt policies and guidelines. Also used in universities.

Harvard Referencing Style 

Another popular referencing style used in tertiary education

ICMJE -International Committee of Medical Journal Editors

ICMJE developed these recommendations to review best practice and ethical standards in the conduct and reporting of research and other material published in medical journals. These recommendations are intended primarily for use by authors who might submit their work for publication to ICMJE member journals.  This guide goes beyond referencing to provide presentation and editing of scientific and medical journal articles.

The following pages provide examples in the APA style as this is used most commonly in the Cabrini environment.

As always please check some of the other links via the University Reference Guides box to find examples in the other style formats.