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UpToDate Access: Up To Date Registration

Learn how to set up a registration and search UTD

Where to register for UptoDate?

Completing a personal registration to UTD will allow offsite access AND to download the app.
Cabrini Staff
  • Initial Registration and re-verification of your personal UptoDate account via Cabrini Health MUST be completed from a dedicated Cabrini (network) computer.

Accredited Doctors 
  • Initial Registration and re-verification of your personal UptoDate account via Cabrini Health can be done through the Cabrini doctor's hub at (offsite or onsite)

Note : An UTD personal registration is different to the OpenAthens account.  To access all other library resources you will need to complete an OpenAthens account.

Access and Registration Instructions

Register & Complete the Registration Form

Click on the URL

When you have opened up the UpToDate website, please click on the Register button in the top right hand corner.




Complete all fields and then click Submit Registration

Upon completion of the registration process you will receive a confirmation email from UpToDate with instructions on downloading the mobile app.

Where do I Access UpToDate 
  • Via Cabinet  (Quick Links Section)
  • Via the main Library page (Quick Links Section)
  • Via the Pharmacy Department Page (Medication Resources)
  • Via the Emergency Department Page (Clinical Guidelines)
  • Via the Doctor's Portal (Main Page)
How do I re-verify my UptoDate Account?

UptoDate will send a reminder email asking you to re-verify your affiliation with Cabrini Health

Access a Cabrini computer as detailed in the steps above to log onto the UTD website.

Instead of clicking on the Register button, select the Log In button instead

Type in your user name and password you have set up for your personal account.

Once you have successfully done this a pop up notice will appear on the screen with the new expiry date.

Please note UptoDate have extended the expiry date from 90 days to 120 days.


Download the App!

  1. On your smartphone or tablet search for "UpToDate" in the App Store and install the free app.

  2. Open the UpToDate Mobile App upon completion of the download.

  3. Log in with your UpToDate User Name and Password.  You only need to do this once - the app remembers your User Name and Password.

What's included in UpToDate

Up to Date is a clinical resource specifically created to assist with diagnosis and treatment.

It is often referred to as a Point of Care tool as it provides synthesized topic reviews that cover all of the major aspects of a particular condition, including symptoms, tests and diagnosis, and treatment.

What's Included

  • 13 Topics of Speciality  with subtopics underneath cover all of the major aspects of a particular condition, including symptoms, tests and diagnosis, and treatment options
  •  Treatment recommendations are graded to quickly assess their strength and quality of the evidence
  • 165 clinical calculators are available
  •  References link directly to PubMed
  • UptoDate is recognised by most Australian medical colleges to redeem CPD activities.

The What's New tab highlights important updates to topics and the Practice Changing Updates specific new recommendations and/or updates that we anticipate may change usual clinical practice. 

The video above demonstrates the Medical Calculators

Lexicomp - Drug Information

As part of Cabrini's subscription to UTD partial access to Lexicomp is available.

What is Lexicomp?

Lexicomp is a  A Drug-Drug, Drug-Herb, and Herb-Herb analysis tool.

How do I access Lexicomp?

Click on the Drug Interactions tab on the navigation bar in UpToDate.

Users can type two or more drugs to get an interaction rating, to alert if there is a risk to the patient by taking a combination of certain drugs and medications.

As an example a patient who has Crohn's disease  is going to be treated with the drug infliximab.

The patient has told you that they are taking the complimentary drug St john's Wort for depression.

Type in the first drug in Lexicomp St  John's Wort, Type in the second drug infliximab

Click on the Analyze button and it brings back the rating of  No interactions of Risk Level A or greater identified.

However please note Lexicomp does not address chemical compatibility related to I.V. drug preparation or administration.

Please refer to the AIDH or MIMS for this type of information.

UpToDate Training and Online Tutorials

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Looking to get the most out of UpToDate®?

Cabrini Health and clinical staff can book one-on-one and group training sessions with the Australian UpToDate® Trainer. 

These virtual training sessions will cover:

  1. How to access UpToDate®
  2. Registration/Re-registration
  3. In depth demonstration of the features and functionality of UpToDate®
  4. Tips and tricks to use UpToDate® at the point of care
  5. How to redeem CME points through Up to Date.
  6. Question and answer session.

Sessions are conducted over Microsoft Teams and can be booked here.