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Contacts, FAQ's: Library Remote Access (OpenAthens)

This guide provides information and FAQ's on offsite (remote) access to the library

What is OpenAthens

  • Library-subscribed resources, such as journals, databases, and ebooks are provided via customised links on the Library website. When you use these links outside the Cabrini Health network you will be prompted to log in to OpenAthens before being redirected to your chosen resource.
  • OpenAthens is the authentication system that will allow you to log onto any subscribed resources and databases that require authentication.
  • A resource can be a database e.g. Ovid Medline, a medication resource such as Australian Medicine's Handbook or an eBook.
  • If the resource or full text journal article is "Open Access" you are not prompted to log in with your OpenAthens account.
  • Users will only need to login ONCE per session. An OpenAthens session stays active for up to 8 hours, unless you clear your browser cache and cookies.

NOTE : VPN Access

  • The type of VPN provided by IT allows remote access to the Cabrini intranet and access to your personal directories.
  • It is not a tool for accessing library resources and some medication resources such as AMH and Therapeutic Guidelines ; you must still register for OpenAthens.

Cabrini Staff & Cabrini Staff Doctors

From May 28th 2024, all Cabrini staff and Cabrini staff doctors with an email domain ending in no longer need to self -register for remote access.

ALL Cabrini Staff please select the following option

OpenAthens is now  linked to the local staff directory, only single sign on is required.

Please note:  any existing OpenAthens accounts will automatically expire, no further action is required.

As with similar systems such as Microsoft Outlook used remotely simply enter your Cabrini staff login details for access.

You will be prompted by your Imprivata ID app to approve for security purposes. 

If you haven't set up Imprivata refer to this page on cabinet for further instruction.

How do I access the library remotely?

Cabrini staff & Cabrini staff doctors

We then recommend to bookmark the library URL for easy reference and searching from offsite 24/7.

Accredited Doctors

Accredited Health Professionals

For accredited health professionals working at Cabrini the self-registration process will still apply.

ALL accredited Cabrini doctors please log in here:

If you have an existing Open Athens account please login as normal with your username and password

  • If you don't have an account, click on the hyperlink  on the website "Register for one"
  • Alternatively complete the Self-Registration form here
  • Please ensure all required details are complete on the self-registration form.
  • All accredited doctors and honorary staff can use their own private email address; the administrator (Librarian) will be alerted to check accredited status and to activate the account for remote access.

FAQ's when accessing full text journal articles remotely

 How do I know if Cabrini subscribes to this journal?

This is the most common question asked.


  • Sign in with your OpenAthens account prior to searching for your topic.
  • If you are already logged with your OpenAthens account, the system will do the work for you in the following scenarios.

Article found via the Cabrini library site 

  • Cabrini's Discovery Search will automatically alert the user if there is no fulltext access by the following link under the record details. 
  • Simply click on this link and it will auto-populate a document delivery form which will be directly delivered to the library for processing.

Article found via Ovid Medline

  • Accessing OVID Medline and clicking on the Check for fulltext link will also auto-populate the document delivery form, if no subscribed or open access is identified.
Article found via a publisher's website
  • Staff can logon with their Open Athens account from a specific publisher site or via a search engine such as Google Scholar.
  • This means that if you have found an article during a Google search, your access can be authenticated at the vendor's website, you do not have to go back to the Cabrini Library page to log in.
  • Every publisher site is unique, but the Sign In or Login option to OpenAthens often appears in the top right corner of the screen.
  • If you cannot find Cabrini Health listed under the Find Your Organization in OpenAthens, this means Cabrini does not subscribe to this journal. Recommend: Simply copy and paste your article citation into an email and mail to

The journal site has the Cabrini Health logo.
However I cannot open the fulltext article from this journal?

Frustrating I know.  This means that Cabrini library may either have:

  •  Cancelled the subscription, but still has perpetual access to previous content  OR
  •  The Journal offers Open Access on some of it's content but not access to recent or main research papers.  

Recommend: Simply copy and paste your article citation into an email and mail to