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Palliative & Supportive Care: Resources

Resources to support medical staff, nurses, trainees & students

Core Resources

Clicking on any of the title hyperlinks, will take the library user to either the eBook version or the print record entry in the library catalogue.

If the book is only available as a print item, the contents are displayed for users to request a chapter or loan the whole item.  A request form is automatically displayed under each print record.

Additional Reading

Quick Reference Guides

Full Text Book Collections

Search for more online books on PALLIATIVE MEDICINE from the following collections:

 Springer collection

Oxford Medical eBook Collection (Pain Management)

Oxford Medical eBook Collection (Patient care and end of life decision making)

Palliative Care - Point of Care resources

UptoDate topics In Palliative Care

UptoDate is available to use offsite. Please refer to the Registering for UptoDate Guide for further instructions.

As part of the Evidence Based process, please refer to resources such as UptoDate to support your clinical knowledge and expertise.

The following Palliative care topics can be accessed in UptoDate.


Exam Preparation

Nursing In-Service Education Resources

In-Service presentations are hosted here for staff to access.

Contact  Sharmalie Wijesinghe to recommend any articles or other research of interest.

Blog - Physiology of Death

This blog has been recommended by Dr Merlina Sulistio  for explaining lack of fluid and food as patient is nearing death to families.

This blog is written for both clinicians and interested human beings. It describes what happens physiologically if we are allowed to die naturally.  A caveat is that for the healthy living individual “it ain’t pretty”, but for the dying individual, it is an incredibly beautiful and mysterious mechanism.

Professional Resources

Advanced Care Planning Australia 

Training and Education resources for health professionals

Australian Institute of Health & Welfare (AIHW) - Palliative Care Service

Latest Australian data and statistical information on palliative care services

Care Search - Palliative Care Knowledge Network (Aust.) 

Dedicated resources for nurses to understand palliative care services, gaining knowledge, and developing skills in palliative care.

ELDAC (End of Life Directions for Aged Care)

ELDAC provides information, guidance, and resources to health professionals and aged care workers to support palliative care and advance care planning to improve the care of older Australians.

MacMillan Cancer Support (UK)

Macmillan Cancer Support has resources for all health professionals working in palliative care

Medscape - Palliative Care

Medscape is a website providing access to medical information for clinicians and medical scientists; the organization also provides continuing education for physicians and health professionals.

Palliative Care Online Training Modules - Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association

The Palliative Care Online Training portal is a free educational resource designed to support health professionals, family members and carers to deliver best practice palliative care in the community.  A free personal registration needs to be setup prior to logging on.

Palliative Care Outcomes Collaboration - University of Wollongong, Australia

Provides resources such as framework for embedding POCC into a palliative care service, 


Drug Guides

Which Medications can I access offsite via the Library?

The following medication resources can be accessed offsite via OpenAthens. Register for OpenAthens here

  • Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH)
  • AMH Children's Dosing Companion
  • Therapeutic Guidelines (formerly eTG Complete) 

The following resource (Lexicomp) can be accessed offsite by setting up a personal registration. Please refer to the UpTo Date Libguide for instructions and further information.

  • Up to Date (including partial access to Lexicomp) 

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