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Health Economics: Introduction & Library Resources

Guide Scope

This guide is a starting point for clinical staff interested in health economics.  It provides access to online resources and collections for this discipline and related areas of study.

This guide will link to resources for information in the following areas  -

  • Health economic evaluation
  • Health economics
  • Health services research
  • Health care financing
  • Health policy

What is health economics?

With unlimited needs, yet scare resources, health economics is concerned with the distribution of these resources (e.g. capital, labour, material, time). Choices have to be made about what needs are most important and where resources should be distributed.​

Professional Links

Australian Health Economics Society

International Health Economics Society

CREST (Cancer Research Economics Support Team)

IHPA (Independent Hospital Pricing Authority)

Health Services Research Association Au.NZ

York Health Economics Consortium (UK)


Scholarly Papers


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