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Searching the library catalogue: Online Guide

What is Discovery Search

Discovery Search is a search engine (discovery layer) which allows staff to search across ALL Cabrini resources at the same time; 

Resources Included are:

  • Databases - OVID Medline and PubMed.
  • Ebook Content - Springer , Oxford, EBSCO & OVID
  • EJournal Content -  Subscribed and Open Access
  • Evidence based Resources such as UpToDate and Cochrane
  • Print Book Titles held in the physical library space

OVID has a detailed USER GUIDE, which provides more images and examples on searching efficiently.

Where do I access the Library Catalogue?

Library URL

By cutting and pasting this link into any search browser both inside and offsite provides a quick link to the main library portal.

Internal Access

The library has multiple access points from the Cabinet page

If you are accessing the library from onsite (All Cabrini sites) you will not be prompted for your OpenAthens Account.

  1. Under Departments & Services Tab , the Library is listed under the Health & Aged Care listing
  2. Under Quick Links, select the Non-Clinical Systems box, drop down to Library Search in the list

For offsite access  (Instruction video)

If you are accessing the library from offsite you will be prompted for your OpenAthens Account.

Another point of external access is from the Cabrini Public page

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the Cabrini main page, under the heading PORTALS , click on the Staff Portal link..
  2. You will then be prompted to log in with your OpenAthens registration
  3. Signon with your Open Athens account details and you can begin your library search journey

Don't have an OpenAthens account?

Complete the Registration Form

Full Text or Document Delivery

When you select an article from your list of records, you will be prompted with a Read Article or Browse Article

If Cabrini does not subscribe to the journal  or there is no Open Access availability you will be presented with a Document Delivery Form

The document delivery form auto populates the articles details into the form.  Simply fill in the compulsory fields of name, profession and email and click on the Send button.  This request will automatically be sent to the librarian for processing.

Discover Search

Type of Searching

Main Search Box - allows you to search across ALL resources with your key terms

Advanced Search - Clicking on Advanced Search will open up multiple fields to use for more precise searching

To perform a Basic Search using the default settings, enter your search Terms in the text box and then select the Search button.

Search Techniques Examples

Like searching Google, you can enter natural language phrases in Discovery Search

As an example you can type  treatment of hypertension in pregnancy

Discovery also has a predictive search feature so will automatically suggest search terms based on your input of terms,

Other examples could be a group of terms eg. Pelvic Floor or another example is smoking cessation