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Read by QxMD: Information

Read by QxMD is a personalized medical & scientific journal that allows Cabrini health professionals to keep up with the latest new research that impacts their practice in minutes per day.

Video Introduction

The above video provides an introduction to Read by QxMD.

Access Read by desktop (Web version)

It is possible to access Read by QxMD on your desktop?

Note whatever collections, articles or journals you set up under your App, this will be reflected in the web version when you sign in.

Click here for the web version

CPD Activities

Don't forget to note your CPD activities.

"Journal reading" is an activity that CPD participants can claim as part of their formal activities associated with their affiliated medical colleges and societies.

Read by QxMD

'Read by QxMD' is a mobile App that provides a single place for you to keep up with new research,  topics of interest and the latest articles from your favourite journals.

It is easy to set-up, and provides an alert notification.

Read  is integrated with our subscribed library subscriptions (as long as you connect to Cabrini Health in the app's institutional settings). When we don't have an article in your news feed, you can request this by emailing the library from within the app. In additional to our library subscriptions, Read will automatically connect you with open access articles.

Register for a Read account



You must  FIRST register for a Cabrini OpenAthens account prior to setting up your Read registration.

This will allow you to connect to Cabrini's journal subscriptions. Once this has been done and confirmed proceed to the steps below.

  1. Create an individual login at:
  2. Download the Read by QxMD mobile app. (Via the App Store or Google Play)
  3. Sign in on the App using the individual log in you created in Step 1.

How to connect to Cabrini Library for institutional access

After installing Read and creating an account go to Settings. (On the App the cog symbol is the settings menu)

Select Institutional Access.

Click on the Add

Scroll to, or search for, Cabrini select Cabrini Health

Select Automatic Login Using OpenAthens

Enter your OpenAthens account details, if you haven't already set up OpenAthens register here now


Choose whether to log in now or just save the information and log in later. This is useful for when you want to connect to more than one institution.

Please check your affiliated universities library page to see if they have linked their holdings to Read

You are now successfully connected.


What are Collections?

Collections are curated subject/specialty areas that individuals or group organisations have set up and are freely shared for others to select.

Anyone can set up a collection.

How do I set up a collection?

In the app:

  1. Click the search icon (bottom right hand corner of the screen)
  2. Enter search term and click Search
  3. Select the article you wish to add to a collection
  4. Click on the ☆ symbol at the top of the article
  5. Select the Add to My Collection link
  6. For a new collection, Enter the Collection Name. Otherwise select an existing collection from the list
  7. Repeat previous steps for other articles as required
  • Note click on the "tick" symbol to complete your task
How do I share a collection?

In the app:

  1. Click the ☆ symbol (bottom of the app screen)
  2. The Saved Papers view will display with a list of My Personal Collections
  3. Select Publish next to the collection you wish to share
  4. Alongside the Visibility setting, tap PRIVATE to change the setting to PUBLIC
  5. Enter a Description (optional)
  6. Click Done
How do I follow a collection?

Note: This assumes the user has downloaded the app and created a profile.

  1. Click the search icon (bottom right hand corner of the screen)
  2. Click on the Collections Tab
  3. In the search bar up the top of the screen type in your keyword or speciality.

For example type "falls" or Medication 

  1. Select which Collection you wish to follow.
  2. Click on the "follow" icon at the bottom of the screen
  3. Click on the "back" button to go back to selecting more collections or to the main home screen.


Setting up your journal preferences

It is possible to set up the Read by QxMD app to send SMS-style alerts/email notifications based on a whole range of settings, including publication of articles related to chosen specialties, journals, collections and keywords.

  1. Sign into the Read by QxMD app
  2. From the default Featured feed, select the Followed tab at the bottom of the screen. 
  3. To follow journals, select the Journals tab. Select the journals you would like to follow. 
  4. To follow articles by keyword, select the Keywords tab. Use the + icon to add keywords. 
  5. To follow collections, select the Collections tab. This will allow you to search through collections and follow the ones that you are interested in.